Miltä Suomi Kuulostaa

New soundscapes

at Huvilanranta
Aug 12 – Sep 4 2022

Daily 11 am - 3 pm
Free entrance

Finland sounds like…  invites you into the soundscapes of contemporary Finland. Through sonic interpretations, five leading modern composers will introduce meaningful places in Finland, weaving a story of the country’s current identity.


Elia Lombardini

Joutsenii ja nopeit autoi (Saimaa)

Elia Lombardini introduces us to the nocturnal swan noises of Lake Saimaa’s shore and the ambiance of the sweltering summer night.

Lombardini is an Italian-Finnish violinist, composer, and producer. In May 2022, he released his debut album: a unique mix of classical music, minimalism, and maximalism with electronic overtones. Before embarking on a solo career, Lombardini has been active as a producer and performer in various lineups ranging from indie pop to electronic music to folk.

Instagram: @elialombardini

Sasu Ripatti

Jäänsärkijä (Hailuoto)

Sasu Ripatti transports the listener to his domicile of the frozen sea of his own backyard to the harsh conditions of Hailuoto (just outside Oulu).

One of the most eclectic electronic music producers in Finland, Sasu Ripatti has released music under various monikers such as Luomo, Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo, Sistol, and Conoco. Genres range from fashionable vocal house to ambient and broken beat, and he has collaborated with such icons as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Massive Attack, and Scissor Sisters. Originally a trained jazz drummer, Ripatti’s music summarizes his fascination of exploring the relationship between rhythm and sounds.

Ringa Manner

Eura III

Ringa Manner’s work was produced in the late autumn in the Western municipality of Eura. The soundscape evokes the permafrost and the leafless, bare tree trunks surrounding Manner’s family cottage in the countryside.

One of Finland’s most sought after vocalists, Manner is also known as a versatile composer. Her projects have included the chart-topping superband Ruusut, indie darlings Pintandwefall, as well as her personal synth project The Hearing. Her compositions smoothly negotiate between indie rock, dancefloor-friendly rave infused pop, and darker electronic atmospheres.

Instagram: @ringasofi

Lau Nau

Kiilan kylä, Kemiönsaari

Located on the inhabited Kemiö island, the historical Kiila village is the stage for Lau Nau’s work, depicting the atmosphere of buzzing insects dancing in the hazy and indolent bliss of the summer afternoon.

Lau Nau is an expert in electronic and acoustic instruments, whose numerous projects have been lauded for their cinematic and idiosyncratic sound worlds. Her work often mixes experimental analog synthesizers, manipulated human voices, and field recordings. Lau Nau’s accolades include the Femma and Finnish State Art prizes, as well as two nominations for the Teosto Prize.

Instagram: @launaulaunau

Timo Lassy & Marko Nyberg

Spring 2022, Jollas-Ullanlinna

Despite these prolific musicians having known each other since high school, this is their first ever collaborative piece. An urban journey into the capital of Finland, their work carves a pulsating trek from the seaside views of Jollas all the way to the glowing hot inner city Ullanlinna, where the soundtrack is mixed with recordings of voices from the recent Ukraine war demonstrations. Track produced & mixed by Petja Virikko.

Timo Lassy is an Yrjö-awarded saxophonist and composer, known for his many jazz projects including Five Corners Quintet and a duo with Teppo Mäkynen. His latest album with his own band Trio received rave five-star reviews from Finland’s biggest newspaper, as well as approving nods from the international press.

Ever since the 90s, Marko Nyberg has been one of Finland’s most sought-after advertising and film music composers. The dream pop band Husky Rescue—founded by Nyberg—has released six albums and played at prestigious festivals such as Glastonbury and Lollapalooza. This year, Nyberg released the emotionally charged and a very personal electronic solo-EP titled Ingrid.

Instagram: @timolassy
Instagram: @markonyberg


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